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How did I get here? 

A lot of what I do used to fall under the catchall "copywriter." But writing is just one aspect of what I do. I think about written words a lot, and how their visual context helps people understand and retain information.


Basically, I want to help people understand what they're reading so they don't have to re-read something a dozen times for clarity. But if it makes them think twice about something, I've done my job. 


Originally, I went to school for journalism. Realizing that wasn't for me, I went into fashion and honed my sense of aesthetics (both in the physical and digital realities.)


Then, I ventured into search engine optimization. In the past decade, I've spent a lot of time listening, considering, and shaping the way people describe their products and services.

I aim to create content you'll actually need and enjoy reading, even if it is for purely functional reasons. I understand that you're just trying to get to the actual recipe instead of reading its anthropology. 

If there's one thing I strive for, it's this: I want to work with you to create something that either jolts people out of their cynicism or finds ways to comfort them within it. ​

I'm Listening

Is there something about your current digital experience or content strategy that just doesn't sit right? Let's talk. 

Thank you! I'll get back to you shortly.

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