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Hi. Hello. Welcome. May I take your coat?

When I was around the age of 17, I did a photo series that was essentially close-ups of eggs and cherries. This isn't relevant to my first post. I kind of just liked how these eggs looked on the blueish-green-grey background.

So, I've taken quite the hiatus from writing for any type of personal outlet.

It became my day job. So, I couldn't be bothered to do it during those precious, wasted moments of sitting on my ass in whatever rabbit warren I happened to live in c. 2012-present.

I'm almost 30, so I'd like to think my youth-powered hubris is starting to wane, or at least be wise to his inaction. i.e. I'm recognizing that I am continually, and without fail, on my bullshit.

In an effort to get off said bullshit, I'll be challenging myself to dump thoughts here at least once per day. I'm sorry.

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